Roasted Masala PapadamRoasted papads topped with a spicy and crunchy masala5.99
Vegetable PakoraSpinach, potato & onions dipped in lentil flour and fried to a golden brown6.79
Paneer PakoraHomemade cottage cheese dipped in lentil flour and fried to a golden brown9.99
Onion BhajiaAn absolute must! A delicately spiced snack made with onions, coriander and
cumin, then fried until crisp. Served with chutney
Pani Puri (Gol Gappa)Bite sized fried hollow balls served with diced tomatoes, chickpeas, onions,
and spicy tamarind / mint water
Papri ChaatCrispy chips served with potatoes, chickpeas, and yogurt chutney6.99
Aloo TikkiPotato cakes filled with herbs and spices and topped with chickpeas6.99
Choley Samosa2 Pastries filled with potatoes, peas and fresh spices served with chickpeas8.99
Chole BhatureChickpea curry served with special deep fried bread12.99
Chole PuriChic peas served with whole wheat bread12.99
Tandoori GobiCauliflower marinated with perfect tandoori spices and grilled in our tandoor13.99
Hariyali Paneer TikkaTandoor grilled cottage cheese, consisting of bell peppers and onions
cooked in a flavored green masala
Tandoori Paneer TikkaJuicy cubes of cottage cheese marinated in masala & cooked in the Tandoor13.99
Amritsara Fish PakoraBasa fish marinated with herbs, spices, and fried to a golden crisp10.99
Tandoori ChickenChicken marinated in yogurt and spices (half order) 10.99 (Full order )18.99
Chicken TikkaSavory chicken breast marinated with herbs, spices and cooked in the Tandoor14.99
Fish TikkaMarinated in fresh spices and baked in the clay oven13.99
Malai TikkaSavory chicken breast marinated in yogurt, spices and cooked in the Tandoor14.99
Tandoori PrawnsJumbo shrimp marinated in yogurt & spices, then cooked on skewers in the Tandoor15.99
Reshmi Seekh KababTender minced chicken flavoured with spices and blended with ginger,
garlic and cheese, then roasted in our tandoor
Dahi Bhalla(4 pc)7.99
Haryali Fish TikkaTandoor grilled fish cooked in flavoured green masala14.99
Soya Chap TikkaJuicy soya marinated in masala and cooked in our tandoori clay oven13.99
Archari soya Chap TikkaJuicy soya marinated in our pickle masala and cooked in our tandoori clay oven13.99
Malai soya chap TikkaJuicy soya marinated in yogurt spices and cooked in our tandoori clay oven13.99
Roasted papdam(3 pcs)2.99

Vegetarian Dishes

Dal MakhaniMixture of lentils cooked with butter and laced with cream11.99
Dal TadkaYellow lentil cooked with onions, tomatoes and spices10.99
Channa Masala (Choley)Chickpea curry cooked with ground cumin onions and tomatoes11.99
Aloo GobiFresh cauliflower and potatoes cooked with herbs and spices11.99
Shahi PaneerMarinated cubed cottage cheese cooked in our cream sauce13.99
Saag PaneerFresh spinach and homemade cottage cheese cooked in our special spices13.99
Paneer KadhaiCubes of cottage cheese cooked with bell peppers and onions in a tangy sauce14.99
Malai KoftaPaneer Kofta served in a creamy onion sauce (seasonal)13.99
Mutter PaneerHomemade cottage cheese cooked with green peas in onion gravy sauce13.99
Bhindi MasalaFresh okra cooked with onions and spices (seasonal)14.99
Baingan BharthaRoasted eggplant cooked with tomatoes and spices13.99
Sarson Ka SaagTraditional Punjabi dish made of mustard leaves and spices12.99
Vegetarian JalfreziMixed vegetables, peppers and onions cooked in our spicy tangy sauce12.99
Paneer Butter MasalaHomemade cottage cheese cooked in a spicy rich tomato gravy13.99
Mushroom Mutter MasalaMushroom and peas cooked in spicy onion tomato gravy13.99
Mixed Vegetable SabziVariety of vegetable cooked with tomato, herbs and spices12.99
Vegetable KarahiServed w/ a variety of cooked bell peppers & onion in and perfect tangy gravy14.99
Punjabi Kadi PakoraAn Indian yogurt curry with fried vegetable pakoras and seasoned with spices12.99
Vegetable Soya Bhoona(House specialty) Vegetarian soya chicken cooked in thick gravy, onions,
and roasted tomatoes
Pindi Cholechickpeas cooked in onion tomatto masala and cottage cheese (popular punjabi dish)13.99
Dal BukharaA harmonious blend of black lentil, tomatoes, ginger and garlic simmered overnight. (Little India Specialty)13.99
Paneer BurjiMinced cottage cheese cooked fresh spices, pea, bell peppers and onions15.99
Paneer DahiwalaCottage cheese cooked in a rich yogurt gravy14.99
Palak PaneerCottage cheese cooked with delicious spinach gravy14.99

Meat Dishes

Butter ChickenCharbroiled chicken breast marinated in herbs and spices then cooked
in a rich butter sauce
Chicken Tikka MasalaTender pieces of roasted chicken breast cooked in a rich creamy saucein a rich butter sauce15.99
Mango Butter ChickenCharbroiled chicken breast marinated in herbs, spices and mangoes then cooked in a rich butter sauce15.99
Chicken Rarachicken chunks cooked and simmered with minced chicken tomato gravy (Customer's Favourite)16.99

All of the below dishes come with a choice of one of the following:

Chicken ~ 14.99 Lamb ~ 14.99 Goat ~ 15.99 Fish ~ 13.99 Jumbo Shrimp ~ 15.99

CurryFlavored gravy in a onion and tomato base with aromatic herbs and spices
MasalaCreamy rich curry cooked with herbs and spices
VindalooSouth Indian spices cooked with a coconut base and a touch of tamarind
KadhaiThick curry cooked with sauteed onions, bell peppers and tomatoes
RoganjoshThick curry cooked with cracked spices
BhunaThick gravy cooked with onion and roasted tomatoes
SaagwalaSpinach cooked with Indian herbs and spices
DahiwalaCream sauce cooked in a rich yogurt gravy