Dahihomemade yogourt$4.99
RaitaCool yogurt mixed with cucumbers and carrots$5.99
Punjabi SaladCombination of onions, tomatoes, cucumber and green chilies$8.99
Kachumber SaladSpiced combination of onions, cucumber, tomatoes and peppers$8.99
Onion & Chilli Salad$2.99
Mango, Tamarind, Mint Chutney$1.49
Vinegar OnionSmall 1.99 Large 3.49


Tandoori RotiWhole wheat bread baked in our tandoor$2.99
NaanFresh leavened white flour bread baked in the tandoor$3.49
Garlic NaanBread topped with garlic$3.99
Luccha NaanBread layered with butter$4.49
Piyaji NaanBread stuffed with marinated onions$5.49
Aloo NaanBread stuffed with potatoes$5.49
Coconut NaanBread stuffed with coconut and topped with honey$5.49
Paneer NaanBread stuffed with homemade cottage cheese$5.99
Gluten Free NaanGluten sensetive bread$4.99
Luccha ParanthaWhole wheat bread layered with butter$4.49
Aloo ParanthaWhole wheat bread stuffed with marinated potatoes$5.49
Paneer ParathaWhole wheat bread stuffed with marinated paneer$5.99
Mixed PranthaWhole wheat bread stuffed with potatoes and vegetables$5.99
Gobi Prantha$5.99
BhaturaSpecial deep fried bread$3.99
PuriDeep fried whole wheat bread$2.99
Mirchi Tandoor Ke Rotiwhole wheat bread with chilli’s baked in the tandoor$2.99
Chapati / RotiFlatbread grilled on a flat pan$2.75
Maki RotiCorn bread baked in a tandoor$2.99